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Hand Crafted Custom Fishing Rods

Looking for a one of a kind custom fishing rod? Dynasty Rods provides custom fishing rods using products specifically designed for fly, ice, freshwater & saltwater fishing from American Tackle, MHX, St. Croix, Calstar, Pheonix, Seeker, Sage & more, in the widest selection of custom sizes, colors and styles! Get started today by browsing through our inventory of blanks and components and request a quote for a one of kind design to fit your style.



Find a large selection of inventory for fly, ice, freshwater & saltwater fishing from MHX, St. Croix, Calstar, American Tackle, Phenix, Seeker, Sage, & More!



Dynasty Rods provides a wide array of handles, grips, rod guides, and reel seats to select from for your custom rod.

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